Safety is, without a doubt, OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY! The ultimate goal of Accelerated Environmental Services is to do everything humanly possible to protect our employees from accidental injury and damage to their health while working for our company. Personal safety both on and off the job does not occur by chance. It is the result of careful development and maintenance of a “true safety culture” within the organization and “attitude” by all involved.

Accelerated Environmental Services Inc. has implemented many safety practices designed to emphasize our commitment to safety and help our employees succeed.

Emergency Response

Emergency and critical situations arise when you least expect them. Our utility, refinery and industrial clients rely on Accelerated Environmental Services Inc. to respond quickly, any time and anywhere, to a multitude of emergency situations. At Accelerated Environmental Services, we understand the importance of getting a facility operating and back on line as soon as possible.

Because of our experience and turnkey ability, we can handle any emergency in-house with qualified personnel who are familiar with your facility and equipment.

Health, Safety, and Environment

Accelerated Environmental Services Inc. has a culture where loss prevention activities are paramount and an integral part of of our company. It is our primary commitment to develop, implement, maintain, and support behavior and actions that provide protection to people, property, and the environment during the application of our daily work activities. This philosophy is communicated and reinforced at every level of our company, and has been adopted by all operational divisions. Loss prevention in the workplace is a shared responsibility. Loss prevention is an attitude with communication and participation as key elements.

Accelerated Environmental Services Inc. has a distinguished reputation and our repeat customers do not happen by chance. They rely on a long standing history of excellent service and people with the expertise that only comes from years of experience and dedication.

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Safety Record

Accelerated Environmental Services Inc.

has an exceptional Safety Record and with an Experience Mod of 84%, zero lost time incident record for 2017, a TRIR presently of 0. We attribute this outstanding record to our proactive approach, which ties safety and health goals to business plans and management compensation. These efforts not only help minimize risk, they also lower costs, and lead to better business opportunities.